Australian BioSecurity and Gardenhood,

In the lead up to Gardenhood launch lots of growers, producers and buyers are curious about how Gardenhood will deal with Biosecurity.

Gardenhood loves nature and our environment so Gardenhood will never promote activity resulting in the introduction of pests or diseases.

Gardenhood works well within States but there is no reason why a Gardenhood member who is abiding to Biosecurity laws couldn’t post an item to another State.

Registered nurseries are legally able to export and import goods and understand biosecurity laws better than anyone!

Gardenhood loves quality and we want to help growers and gardeners alike have access to quality plants and produce sourced directly from their local community but we know that sometimes that rare orchid living in another State can be too hard to resist.

We encourage all buyers and sellers to understand what they are buying and selling.

Gardenhood wants to encourage people to buy locally (literally!) and support their Gardenhood friends.

Gardenhood – Grown with Love.