Bengaluru’s Vertical Garden Set to Curb Pollution

After China’s vertical forests, Bengaluru has built its first vertical garden with the intent to curb pollution and make the city beautiful.

SayTrees is behind the beautiful organic garden at Hosur Road Electronics City Flyover where over 3,500 saplings of 10 different species have been planted.

With an automated drip irrigation system installed within the garden, the plants will get their daily dose of 100 milliliters of water.   Each side of the vertical garden comes with a unique design.

According to SayTrees, all pillars of the flyover will soon be covered with these gardens.   Benefits of this biodiversity are plentiful and as described by SayTrees, the gardens will help reduce urban heat island effect and smog; purify outside polluted air; act as a soundproofing barrier; create a healthy habitat for birds and insects; increase real estate value; and much more.

The project was cleared by the Bangalore Elevated Tollway Pvt Ltd. and took four months of meticulous planning and they aren’t finished yet.

Plenty more projects have followed and India is benefitting from each plantation.

Perhaps we need a Say Trees in Australia.