Gardenhood – My WHY

“A journey into the unknown is always fraught with challenges”

Emma, Gardenhood Founder

In 2014 I watched an established garden full of life be demolished to make way for a low maintenance no fuss garden.

It broke my heart to watch an established and cared for garden grown over 30 years demolished in an afternoon.  I had a deep emotional connect to that garden.   It belonged to a Professor of Agriculture, Hayden and his Horticulturalist wife, Helen.

The garden was packed full of mature lemons, limes, mandarins, apples, herbs, natives, tulips, roses, cottage plants, grasses and even some unusual species.  I remember admiring the roses because the cuttings were from the Queen’s Garden in London.

I remember too when I was around 5 years old watching Hayden and Helen tend the garden.   I was so shy I wouldn’t ask any questions.  I’d just watch Hayden as he toiled and Helen as she pruned.   Those moments sparked a curiosity in me developed further by my mother, Denise, also a keen gardener who was taught by her mother.

Helen and Hayden both passed on, Helen being the last, she was around 84 years old and their home was sold, knocked down and rebuilt.

As I watched the workman that afternoon quickly demolish the garden, an idea came to my mind.

What if I could somehow connect all growers and gardeners together into one place?    Then this type of thing might never need to happen, there would be a community that could come and collect and continue to grow it with love.

If you think of a garden  it’s organic and the owners really do grow it with love.  It’s a variety of plant life and produce.   This got me thinking about all the produce growers who also might needed some help.

If I could create a platform where people could connect directly with a grower or gardener then that grower would benefit and people could head up the road to collect or have it delivered from the grower or gardener!

Adopt-A-Garden was the original concept launch and I started to reach out to the community under the name Adopt-A-Garden.

At night I would spend hours with a development team in India trying to project manage a website build out of my own pocket.   No surprises it was a complete fail and I thought about giving up on the idea all together.

But then I remembered Helen, Hayden, the garden and all the other keen gardeners and growers I could try to help so I started again.    This time in Australia!

Gardenhood is the result of many late nights and lots of chats with growers and gardeners alike.   Gardenhood will be launching in September starting in Hobart, Tasmania so you’ll be able to own your own little patch on the platform very soon.

If you loved Adopt-A-Garden all those months ago then please love us again under our new and very cool name Gardenhood – Grown with Love.

Happy Growing.