Happy Father’s Day: Flowers You Should Give to Dad

Father’s Day, a time to reflect, celebrate and give thanks to all the Dads.

Even those who’ve lost their loved one can still remember all the good times your Dad was there for you.

If you are thinking of giving flowers, then the official Father’s Day flowers are White and Red roses.  If your dad is more on the plant side, then you should definitely find him something enticing this Father’s Day.  Bonsai for those Dad’s who need to practice greater patience, like the Angry Dad on Youtube.

Fiddle Leaf Fig for the more trendy Dad like David Whitehill.

Or how about an entire jungle for the Costa Georgiadis’ Dad who needs a challenge, or what about something simple for the starter Dad like How to Dad Youtube star – perhaps a Mother In Law Tongue.

And finally, for all those ladies looking for the perfect Dad partner – check out Boys with Plants on Instagram!

Whatever you pick for your dad, we are 100% sure he will love it.

We hope you have a lovely Father’s Day.

Love the Gardenhood Team