Understanding What Makes Plants Happy

Like us, plants have their own language. If you saw our post on Geoff Lawton’s Pattern Understanding you will see that nature has its own rules, patterns and ways of connecting. Somehow, over time we humans have become disconnected or perhaps we are disrespecting our plant’s natural botanical body language and behavior that could help…

Back to Black: Black Drama In the Garden

Black inspires a little drama, so why not add some to your garden with a little black foliage or black flowers? Amy’s Back to Black reflects a little of how we all feel sometimes, it’s such a tragedy she’s gone, way too soon. We’re sure that Amy’s garden would have been full uniqueness and beauty with…

How To Propagate Lavender Plants From Cuttings

Lavender has so many beneficial properties from freshening up a home to uses in cosmetics.   It also adds a gorgeous contrast of bright purple flowers against silver/gray foliage to the garden and the best bit is the bees love it too and it smells lovely. Growing lavender is great for so many reasons! Once…

Women Are Using Plants to Live Longer

  Fabulous news for vegans and vegetations, you’re about to get plenty of new friends. Research is showing that spending time with these lovely plant eating folk can actually extend your lifespan. And if you’re a lady you are in super luck. Research conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s…

Bedroom Plants to Cure Insomnia and Sleep Apnea

It’s a busy world, even our sleep is busy these days. Sleep disturbances, night terrors, insomnia, or sleep apnea are some of the sleep terms that can make our living harder work than it has to be. If your nights are long and you’d prefer to be sleeping, we have some awesome news for you….

Australia’s Edible Flora: Safe to Eat

This may just save you from poisoning yourself. R THANKS TO indigenous bush-cooking initiatives, increased success with commercial crops and publicity from high-profile chefs, a range of Australian bush herbs and spices is trickling into our gardens, nurseries and supermarkets. While Australia’s indigenous peoples have long enjoyed the flavours and nutritional benefits of native plants, […]

Growing Up Without Sunlight: 15 Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

Can you imagine growing up without sunlight? Us humans wouldn’t last that long because 90 percent of our vitamin D comes naturally from sunlight exposure to our skin. Specifically ultraviolet B exposure to the skin, which naturally initiates the conversion of cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D3. But some plants do not require sunlight….

Plant Your Tomatoes – The Right Way

There really is nothing quite like eating a beautifully ripe tomato fresh out of your own garden. Whether the flavor is actually better or it’s just the taste of sweet success is hard to say. What isn’t hard to prove is that growing your own tomatoes is relatively simple, and it’s a great way to […]

Top Reasons to Love Lemons

My mum always said, “If life gives you lemons, then make lemonade” But, what if life never gave you any lemons!  Then we say, grow your own then with the unlimited lemonade and fresh lemons you can make a lemonade stand to rival the Jones’. In this post we will show you how you can grow your own…

Mark Zuckerberg Eats What He Kills and Plants!

Every year the friendly face of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg,  gives himself a personal challenge.   One year it was tie wearing, the next it was eating what he killed. Essentially this personal challenge came down to this direct quote, “eventually decided that forcing myself to get personally involved and thank the animals whose lives I…