Magic at Bowral Home & Garden Show

Last September I went to The Home & Garden Show at Bong, Bong Racecourse, Bowral, NSW Australia.

Bowral is better known as the home of Don Bradman, famous Australian cricketer.    Around an hour and half from Sydney but a world away from a stressful city life.   It’s picturesque and bursting with colour and the smell of flowers in full bloom.

Although I wrote this some time ago but given rebrand didn’t post it there are still some pearls of wisdom that you might enjoy reading.

I was mostly there to learn gardening secrets and to perhaps meet John Siemon (Horticultural Scientist) or perhaps the energetic Matthew Carroll (aka Hortiman) but what I didn’t expect was to also find new offerings in creative gardening and new innovations in vertical gardens.

As a succulent and cacti lover discovering the Highlands Living Pages was a real find.  Old books up-cycled into shelf pieces to hold your latest cacti or succulent coupled with a vintage silver engraved spoon and tied up in straw a definite must-add garden feature to any industrial inspired space.

Also loved Bare Greens who have harnessed the goodness of aquaponics to bring vertical fresh greenery or herbs to any space. I can just imagine how many restaurants would jump at the opportunity to have a fresh supply of organic herbs on tap right in their kitchens.

Living soils, natural organic compost, was also something that caught my eye. If we don’t get the soil right then we may as well as kiss our gardens goodbye and Living Soils have spent some time developing a product that will rebalance your soil without any chemicals.

I went the year before and met Indira Naidoo’s at her talk on small space growing for food inspired me to continue on with my project despite so many fails!     If we all grew even a quarter of our own food supply or even grew for people who can’t grow their own food, our world would more sustainable and much more organic!

One of the talks on propagation by Rosalie Carver from Q Nursery was really interesting, she spoke about the importance of backyard growers keeping a seed bank.   Seed banks are vital to maintaining the future of plant species and Rosalie believes that without backyard growers keeping seed banks we might see greater extinction of rarer forms of plant species. Heirloom seeds are sought after and if you can propagate a rare seed you get to trademark it to your name!

Speaking of seeds, John’s talk on Australian Botanic Gardens Plant Bank securing $19.8 million dollars in fundraising, architectural design and construction for the national repository for native plant seeds was applauded.   PlantBank will one day be home to all of Australia’s 25,000 species of plants.   So, we know exactly who to contact when we find that rare seed in our backyards 🙂

Thank you to the good people of Bowral Home and Garden Show.


PS.   For those interested in the businesses mentioned please feel free to check them out by clicking on the links.


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