Returning to Nature: Botanical Tattoos

Artists come in many forms and expressions.

For those without the artist's mind or talent, all you need to do is connect, much like nature, you'll find when an artist is true to form, you will find meaning.

Pis Saro has a special talent for creating botanical tattoos.

Pis' talent is watercolor tattoos of pretty flowers and leaves for nature lovers, and for the love of Mother Nature. Pis Saro is originally from Sevastopol, Ukraine.   We know all our readers are nature-lovers and if you are also minimalist then Pis' tattoos of flower stems, leaves and all things botanical with watercolour style tattoos are most definitely for you.  Cleverly crafted and delicate, Saro's tattoo aesthetics is plucked right from a naturalist's journal pages and translated on to the skin for lasting beauty that will never wither.

The Gardenhood team think that her creations are absolutely stunning, so we thought, with all credit to the artist, we would share some of her work.