Plant Your Tomatoes – The Right Way

There really is nothing quite like eating a beautifully ripe tomato fresh out of your own garden. Whether the flavor is actually better or it’s just the taste of sweet success is hard to say. What isn’t hard to prove is that growing your own tomatoes is relatively simple, and it’s a great way to […]

Tips for Transplanting and Re-Potting: Moving Gardens

What are you doing this weekend?   How about a little re-pot or a little re-plant? There are plenty of reasons to get busy relocating or re-potting or re-planting sections of your garden.      One of our best ever reasons is growing way too much and just having to share the love. Or perhaps you…

When Did You First Love Your Garden?

People talk about falling in love, finding that one person who lights up the room, is your forever, the person you feel a soul connect. Gardeners have this same feeling – a garden soil soul connect. My gardening skills are novice but to me gardeners and growers represent another great love – planet earth. I…

Gardenhood – My WHY

“A journey into the unknown is always fraught with challenges” Emma, Gardenhood Founder In 2014 I watched an established garden full of life be demolished to make way for a low maintenance no fuss garden. It broke my heart to watch an established and cared for garden grown over 30 years demolished in an afternoon….